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Thanks Off The Map

Thursday July 24, 2008

Yo I am back from Off The Map Tattoo!! Had a good time, the experience took me back to a time when I did hella lettering, LOL. But it was still a great time. The Crew was great, they took me under their wing like Drillbit Taylor.. I am looking forward to doing another run, but hopefully next time the people of New England will want me to do some of the photo realism I am into doing @ home. It wasn’t all lettering tattoos, I did do a pretty cool piece for Gabe’s Neighbor, Mike. He got the impact wrench tattoo in my gallery… I just wanted to thank Gabe, Mary, Mike, Andy and Khalil for everything.. Hope you guys have me back to guest again soon. I will most likely be @ the Paradise Tattoo Gathering, so I am sure I'll see you all there. Peace Steve Monie PS.. Love the tooth bling Nuccah

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