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Tattooing a Movie Star In L.A.

Wednesday August 13, 2008

Last Week I tattooed the Singer/Movie Star Tyrese Gibson. About a month ago he was in vegas and saw a portrait I did of Kelli Alli "check my gallery if ya wanna see the tat he liked". He was so impressed with the tattoo that he wanted me to finish his sleeves before the filming of "Transformers 2". The tattoos I did can be seen next July when the sequel is released!! Or you can see em on myspace.com/steviemonie. Keep an eye out for his right arm, I tattooed a trasformers logo on his inner forearm, God's Eye on his shoulder, and a melting Dali esque clock with melting money on his tricep.. We also tattooed some treble cleft butterflies on his inner forearm to fill in some space!! It was a big compliment to tattoo a True "Star". Hope to tattoo some more in L.A. and across the Globe. Steve Monie Tattooing Coast to Coast. Next time I gotta bring an arm rest

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